A weekend where I actually played some poker!! Who would have guessed. These days I’m focusing on playing Sit ‘n Go’s on PokerStars as well as quite a few Spin and Go’s. As written, hyper is new to me, but I sure do like them.

I have an account on PartyPoker as well, but I’ve never deposited there, I only got one or two cash-to-play things. Mid week I got an email to opt in to a daily reward, unveil a card with a reward, a Caribbean Poker Party reward “game”. I’ve played every day since, revealing a new card each day at 13:00 CEST. Every day has revealed a $2.2 satellite entry, in which I’ve lost very early on. I think much of the reason for that is that I just haven’t taken them seriously! So today I revealed my, again, $2.2 satellite and got to work. One hour later, 25 of us got our entry to a $22 satellite. I planned on unregistering this to play at a later time, but the $2.2 finished just as the $22 started and my new table in the $22 opened automatically, Dang! Guess I have to play then.

After late registration, 84 players were in (some were already out) and that meant 15 entries to a semi-final worth $109, as well as $45 for 16th.
It took 1h 39m 15 minutes plain hand-for-hand, but I got my entry! This time I had time to unregister the satellite, because the prize in this one is a Day one qualifier seat! The ticket is good until 13-Aug ~09:30, so one day this coming week I’ll play a $109 satellite/tournament, which will be my biggest buyin to date.

Let’s hope I make it all the way to Day 1 of the Caribbean Poker Party ’17!


I didn’t get to play the MicroMillion’s as I had hoped and planned, due to some complications with a dentist appointment and some serious pain thereafter. I’m still going back to the dentist (just came from an appointment today) doing root canals and a lot of maintenance…

I’ve played quite a few Spins and some SNG’s, but nowhere near the amount I’ve been planning. No stream, but I’ve upgraded all my equipment, adding a fourth monitor, new macro keyboard (to use with OBS and twitch).
Link to my keyboard. I’ve been using my Logitech MX Master mouse and am very happy with that for the moment.

As for streaming… I am having a real hard time getting going… I so want to stream for hours ‘n hours, but when I feel like starting, my brain shuts me down and tells me: “You’re seriously going to stream playing micro SNG’s and MTT’s??” I end up maybe playing a few spins and then watch some poker related videos. I have a lot of mental work to do to get going!

Anyways; I’d love to hear from you, any feedback is good feedback!