Hey guys, just a quick post from me today.
We’re just starting our summer holidays and I’m working through it, aiming for an August break or something.

As you can see I’ve changed the template for the site, selecting a simpler layout and a bit sleeker design. That’s about it since my last post, haven’t made it to the forest and certainly not made any of the things I want to..

All I’ve done is brushing up on my twitching and played a bunch of micro spins on PokerStars (in a blowup, no care about the results, fashion). +/- break even streak and not a care in the world. I’ll be playing many more and I’m eyeing some MTT’s as well, never know.. might get lucky right?

Anywhoo.. Follow me on social media and head on over to my YouTube channel. Creating more content these very days!

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