Hey guys, just a quick post from me today.
We’re just starting our summer holidays and I’m working through it, aiming for an August break or something.

As you can see I’ve changed the template for the site, selecting a simpler layout and a bit sleeker design. That’s about it since my last post, haven’t made it to the forest and certainly not made any of the things I want to..

All I’ve done is brushing up on my twitching and played a bunch of micro spins on PokerStars (in a blowup, no care about the results, fashion). +/- break even streak and not a care in the world. I’ll be playing many more and I’m eyeing some MTT’s as well, never know.. might get lucky right?

Anywhoo.. Follow me on social media and head on over to my YouTube channel. Creating more content these very days!

Long overdue

Hey guys! How’re ya’ll doing?
So, it’s been almost a year since I last wrote something and that’s about to change! I’m really eager to get back into writing along side doing the things I’m writing about. Be it woodworking, forestry, making, modifying, anything you can think of! (Get it? )

This post will just be a semi-quick entry to let you know I’m still around and thinking of new things.
One of the very first things I’m doing is getting back into YouTub’ing; Projects will be documented and videos will be edited for publication. I have set my sights at a couple of simple projects that will get me started, and I have a dream of getting started back in the forest in the near future.

I very recently went and bought myself a new Stihl chainsaw (a very nice and powerful MS 362 C-M). This was purchased with my sights set on getting back into the forest and also I’m getting a chainsaw mill, here’s a link. My chainsaw came with a 15″ bar, but I’m getting a 36″ bar and chain, as the stock is far to small for a mill.
I also have two other chainsaw that I’ going to try and get back in running condition, at least one of them. I don’t quite remember which models they are, but I think it’s an MS 260 and a 0xx series (I’ll find the chainsaw and update). Normally I do all repairs and such myself, but these two are in such a shape that I’m turning them over to a licensed mechanic. The 260 has a “rubber joint” that’s busted in deep in the saw and I’ll just rather not botch the job.

Here’s a cap. of one of the small projects I’m doing, getting back into YouTube and making.
It’s currently in the idea stage, but I’m hoping to try it out as early as this very week, fingers crossed.


Another thing on my TODO list is re-vamping this site! It’s just in the #want stage, but a new template is desperately needed (I feel). This is something that’s just cosmetic, but I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Let’s get it going shall we! Visit: GeirAndersenCustom.com or YouTube.com/GeirAndersenCustom (both are links to my YouTube channel)