New addition

#Locksport "no-name 50mm"So here’s my latest addition. It’s a simple no-name 50mm padlock, solid brass housing. I’m not yet prepared to spend $100+ for high-security locks, that’s why I’m sticking to these. I’ve traded for some exciting locks on, but it will take a fair bit of time before I receive them.

This particular lock is a bit more challenging then my other locks, leaving me to wonder if i has at least one security pin. I have no way of checking for this, but maybe some time in the future.

My plan today is to buy a locking cylinder brand new, and take it apart (at least try to) when I get home. That will be my first attempt doing something like that, wish me luck!

I consider myself to be a very patient man, in all but one scenario; Whenever I order a package/item/what-not, waiting for regular mail. Most recently my lock pick set! Normal mail from the states to Norway is between 1 and 2 weeks. FedEx Priority: day and a half! Guess which one I chose?

Now I’ve found another impatience: picking! I want to get the lock open as fast as I can, I jump over signs and feelings making it way longer than needed to open the lock. This lock took me several minutes to open, many times. When I took my time and listened to the lock, it could be done in seconds! Guess I have to take my own advice and not rush…

Stay safe guys, and don’t break the law!

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