Traded lock

#Locksport American #2 #Locksport American #1So, I’m a new member on, and what a great forum that is! I ended up listing my TrioVing locks for trade, and today I received the first package. This is an American A1106BLU, and is my first IC (interchangeable core) padlock. I’m not sure if it’s currently 4 or 5 pin, but I had it picked in under a minute after opening the box. My tradesman included another pin (all parts) so I can make it more challenging when I feel up to it.

I’m currently struggling with one of my el-cheap-o locks, it just does not want to pick… I’ve opened it numerous times before, just now it’s decided to go bad on me. And just now, as I’m writing this, it finally decided to give. Gave up to a rake of all things.

On another note.. I need a bigger desk! I have a two screen setup, one 23″ and one 27″ monitor. I spend most of my time at this desk, but it’s getting more and more cramped. I guess I should keep my eyes on, looking for a replacement. Keep ya’ll posted.

Remember: Keep it legal!

New addition

#Locksport "no-name 50mm"So here’s my latest addition. It’s a simple no-name 50mm padlock, solid brass housing. I’m not yet prepared to spend $100+ for high-security locks, that’s why I’m sticking to these. I’ve traded for some exciting locks on, but it will take a fair bit of time before I receive them.

This particular lock is a bit more challenging then my other locks, leaving me to wonder if i has at least one security pin. I have no way of checking for this, but maybe some time in the future.

My plan today is to buy a locking cylinder brand new, and take it apart (at least try to) when I get home. That will be my first attempt doing something like that, wish me luck!

I consider myself to be a very patient man, in all but one scenario; Whenever I order a package/item/what-not, waiting for regular mail. Most recently my lock pick set! Normal mail from the states to Norway is between 1 and 2 weeks. FedEx Priority: day and a half! Guess which one I chose?

Now I’ve found another impatience: picking! I want to get the lock open as fast as I can, I jump over signs and feelings making it way longer than needed to open the lock. This lock took me several minutes to open, many times. When I took my time and listened to the lock, it could be done in seconds! Guess I have to take my own advice and not rush…

Stay safe guys, and don’t break the law!

More training

#Locksport Master Craft #1 #Locksport Master Craft #2 I didn’t get to buy what I wanted today, but I did get these two (also relatively cheap ones). When I got home, I opened them and dug right in. I don’t know if it because I’ve been practicing a lot or what, but both opened in under 15 seconds!

I’ve joined, a forum for like-minded. Listed all my TrioVing cylinders for trade, trying to expand my collection of locks and tools.

#Locksport “Day two”

#Locksport "No-name junker"#Locksport "Diskus"#Locksport "Master lookalike" – These are the three locks I’m currently focusing on, trying to learn the feel and art of picking. All three are no-name China made, and the far right (“Master lookalike”) is so poorly made, both keys and picking is cumbersome.

The two on the left are no problem. I can open both in under 10 seconds. The far left is so small, I didn’t really think I’d be able to pick it with my current setup. Some finagling but it’s actually easy.

All the other locks I have are somewhat above my current level, but I’m thinking of going crazy at the stores tomorrow and buy a boatload of locks, padlocks, anything, etc.

Let you know what I end up with!

#Locksport beginner

G’afternoon ya’ll, long time no write…
Lately I’ve been on a huge #locksport #keypicking binge! For years I’ve been interested in lockpicking, but I haven’t been able to find picks, and so it’s only been at the back of my head. Last weekend I came across bosnianbill’s lock lab, YouTube channel. After watching a few videos, I found links to websites selling picks and accessories. A bit of looking around and I found a set I liked, along with some plug followers and also a set of tools for warded locks.

Locksport #1When waiting for packages and such, I’m a very impatient man! That’s why I chose priority international FedEx. From the states to my possession in about a day and a half. Made it to me just before the weekend so I could have some fun.
On the left, you can see the set I chose and also a diskus padlock I’ve been playing with. I’m as new as can be, and my skills are almost zero. Even my limited skills opens this lock in seconds! I heard Bill read from a letter in a video about faith-based security. My playing and watching videos really makes a point: locks and such are not secure. A skilled picker can open even the most “secure” locks in minutes.

Locksport #2 "Haul"Here you can see some locks I picked up from our locksmith store. I just asked if they had some old locks laying around, and this is the result, along with some padlocks I already had.

I’m nowhere near able to open these locks, but if I don’t try I can’t get better. Alright, enough writing for now… It’s back to videos and practice!