My first project video!

So, I spent some time yesterday shooting, editing and creating my first ever project video, made in a how-to style. I wanted to test out my new camera and microphone, but quickly found the microphone to not suit my needs. It was far too sensitive for my camera and environment, and picked up all sorts of static.

Link to video on YouTube
Link to video on YouTube

Here’s a link to the video, published on YouTube. Everything about this video is also me learning the stuff while doing it. I’ve never really sewn anything from a pattern, never used an external microphone, new camera, new lighting, never done voice over… It was a real fun experiment.

I’ve already returned the microphone and got a full refund, as the store where I bought it offers 30-day full refund, no questions asked. I found that I’ll rather buy a wireless microphone, and for now just use a lapel microphone that’s wired. I have the mic and I bought a 5m long extension cable today.

Doing the voice over work was a challenge. Not so much the technicality as that was straightforward, but I am very conscientious about my rough English. Not using English on a regular basis really inhibits my pronunciation. Doing the work was fun! I spent 10 minutes online to learn how to do it, and then just jumped into it and did it. I started mapping out the edited video, writing a small script to semi-follow.

Something fun though.. I’ve already decided my next project, and if I get it done I might post it closer to the weekend (like Friday) as I really want to publish videos to be viewed over the weekend.

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