I have been looking to add to my camera gear for a good while now. Having used my simple Canon Legria (something) as my one and only video camera, I wanted to add one more. This time, I wanted a camera that offered the ability of an external microphone. Of all the endless cameras I have looked at, only the high-end video cameras and some semi-high-end DSLR’s offered this. Stopped by one of my regular shops today, and I came across the Canon (I’m a huge canon fan) EOS M. 

Canon EOS M
Canon EOS M

Here’s a picture, it’s a mix of a compact and a DSLR. Looking over the specs I was delighted to see it supported an external microphone. I wasn’t prepared to shell out for a new DSLR (I’m happy with the one I have), this seemed far more economic and better for my use.

The store had two external microphones available one was 3x the other though, so I looked at the cheaper one.

Hama SM-17
Hama SM-17

This is the one, and it sure looks small and easy to work with.

Now, only thing is to charge it up and take it for a spin. I have a project in mind, that’s small and easy, and should give me the opportunity to test my gear. Not feeling well today, but there’s always tomorrow!

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