Zippered pouch v2.0

I decided to make a “new version” of the zippered pouch, simply because I felt I could do better. My camera setup isn’t 100% ready so I couldn’t record my latest attempt.

Second version of a zippered pouch
Second version of a zippered pouch

This is the finished pouch this time, and I do feel like this is heaps better than the first one. I went above and beyond on this one (spending far more time and effort than needed for a test).
Started selecting the zipper, measured and cut the fabric based on the zip size. I had some decent fabric from an old curtain I picked up for the fabric ~$2 and I used parts of an old, and very thin, shirt.

Notice something missing?? I do, but I didn’t until it was too late…

Second version of a zippered pouch

The pull tabs decided to hide until I was past the point of no return, and then jump right out and dance about to gloat their deviance.

Hopefully I can get the rest of my camera equipment set up tomorrow and if so, I might just make another one of these. Maybe in denim, as I have a bit of that, and I’ll be sure to snare the pull tabs before they run into hiding…!

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