Recycling / Re-designing

Why throw away old clothes and fabrics? We’ve all got clothes, curtains and the likes we’re no longer using. Why throw all that away? One can of course give it away to charity, but think about it; In stead of giving- / throwing away, why not take the individual pieces “apart” and use for another project? This is of course only applicable if you’re into crafting, sewing, tailoring, etc. If you are, take a look in your closet and assess your wardrobe!

A shirt is no longer just a shirt, it’s cuffs, buttons, fabric, patterns, etc.
A dress is no longer just a dress, there are straps, buttons, zippers, etc…

You get the idea; There are so much more things, if we only start looking through with new eyes!

RecycleThe “universal” symbol of recycling. It’s used in just about everything around us, except clothing and apparel… Why is that? It is quite possible to recycle a shirt and turn it into anything the mind desires. As noted above, charities welcome donations and I’m a firm believer that if you can’t use it yourself, give it away to someone who can. The Salvation Army has shops called Fretex (site in Norwegian, opens in new window) here in Norway, and they accept donations either through drop-off or using containers, which are placed throughout the districts. My personal note, and this is simply my view, I don’t give away clothes to them, and I’ll tell you why; If they receive a standard H&M sweater/blazer, they price it a certain way. If they receive for instance Victoria Beckham item, it’s almost certainly 2-3 times the price of the H&M item.
If I am to donate clothing or other items, I choose either UFF or Blå Kors, which I feel work more on the principle of “recycling”.

Myself, being a novice in sewing, I’m still in the beginning stages of crafting with a sewing machine and thus I don’t need too much fabric for now. I always grab the odd available set of fabric if I feel I can use it, but I don’t grab everything I come across. I am trying to learn as much as I possibly can, and I use videos as that is one way I learn best.

I had hoped to come across a giveaway on while writing this, but there has been only one lot and that was childrens clothes which in my mind is too small, and also better for new parents to have!

I think I’ll write a different article once I come across a good lot. And then maybe do a from pickup to “xxxx” video project.

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