Sewing a pouch/box

My sewing experience is fairly limited, but I do learn rather fast. I have never attempted to sew anything “big” and certainly nothing with a zipper. However, as I bought that new sewing machine a couple of weeks ago, I felt it was time to test it on something decent. I found a video on YouTube (what a shock) which I really wanted to try out, as I always do. I don’t have too much fabric to choose from, and only short zippers. All my zippers are recycled from old pants I have torn apart for fabric.

sewn sipper box pouch
Small sewn zippered pouch / box

This is my completed product. I haven’t measured it but the fabric were 6 3/4″ square, all four parts. It’s very small and doesn’t hold much but it made me confident I can make a larger one.

Once I get some larger zippers, I’ll make it a project video and upload to my channel(opens in new window). My channel has many types of videos, which reflects my many, and quite different, hobbies.

On another note, I’m working on writing an article about “recycling” old clothes. In essence; Picking up giveaway clothes and such, and turning it into usable fabric, buttons, zippers and such.


Thank you for tuning in to this little write-up, and I hope to see you again in another text not too far from now!

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