Getting organized

I haven’t had a chance to get a real project on the go yet, but I have spent some time getting organized. I don’t have a whole room to use for my hobbies, but I do have a corner in a semi-large space. 

hobby corner

This is my space where I “do” most of my hobbies. I do have a small wood shop located at a farm building, but it’s a bit of a drive to get there so I only go when I have complete “schematics” to work from.

It’s not big, it’s not beautiful; But it’s mine! I can’t do many things at one, I have to change the space every time I change what I work on. The raggedy-old blue chair has been with me for over 20 years, closer to 25… The desk I picked up for free on (similar to craigslist).

Most of my organizing “skills” refer to using plastic stack-able boxes. The ones you see in this image store fabric, old clothes and such.

The sewing machine on the desk is a Singer Tradition 2250. It’s an entry level machine, but for my light use, it’s perfect. I’ll probably make a video-review of it once I’ve used it some more.

Any-hoo, that’s it for this one, catch you again soon!

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