Two wheels!!

Spring seems to be upon us, and that’s the time to start thinking about two wheels.
I had a scooter (I don’t have a drivers license for over 50cc 🙁 ) a couple of months last year, but sold it when I got a very nice offer that made me some extra cash.

I’ve been wanting two wheels again this year/season and have been looking for a good offer. Last years model was a Chinese model scooter and it served me decent enough. It’s a great advantage knowing mechanics when buying such a thing, as those scooters are a bit of a handful. The great advantage are, they’re pretty cheap.
Found a decent looking thing yesterday, Chinese model again, and went to have a look at it after work. Ended up buying the thing even though it need a little work. Tightening some bolts and screws, adjustments, cleaning and spring service (oil, spark, filters, etc). It starts on the first kick, but I’ll have to have a look at the electrics as the starter won’t engage.

I’ll try to snap some photos tonight, if the weather clears.

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