A huge change for me!

Well, this is a bit of a weird change for me…
I have been a PC man ever since I started using computers. I am a trained computer tech, and worked as a systems admin for several years. However, after several years of working 24/7, I burned out and I’ve never worked professionally with computer or systems since.

I have never worked with Mac’s or Apple products professionally, and I have in fact never actually used their products. A year and a half ago, I borrowed an Ipad and used it for a while. I was so impressed with it I went out and bought my own.
I have also never used anything but Android phones since they emerged. Never used an Iphone ever since they became popular… About a year ago, I was looking for a new phone and for once I started looking at an Iphone. A month or so of looking, I finally ended on an Iphone 5… My second Apple product.

About a month or so ago, my laptop gave out on me. Served me great for many years but just stopped working one day. Ever since, I’ve been looking for a replacement. I do have a stationary dual-screen PC that I use for watching series on Netflix and some YouTube watching. My laptop was a HP Compaq 15.6″ cheap-o.
I do use my laptop in my work so it’s important it’s portable and easy to use. For some unknown reason, I started looking at Apple’s products. I sort of fell “in love” with the look and feel of Macbook Air 13.3, even though I’ve never used a Mac.

I went to a warehouse to have a look and feel of different computers. I looked at so many different setup’s, just about everything that was on display. Even though I’ve never used a Mac, the design and feel of the Macbook Air 13.3″ was just awesome.

A couple of days mulling it over, and I decided: I’m going for the Macbook Air 13.3″…
I went to my closed vendor, they were just out of stock. Went to a second place, where the website said it was in stock… Got there and they had just sold their last one… I drove a few miles over to the third closest warehouse, and finally…they had it in stock.

I’ve now had it for a couple of days, but haven’t yet really put it through it’s paces. I’ll use it for a while longer and then I’ll do a review style post and maybe a video review of this thing.

For now, this is my third Apple product, and I must say: They know their business!

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