Maverick update

Well… There’s been so much rain and bad weather last couple of weeks, so haven’t had a good chance to run the MT. I have however had plenty of time thinking about upgrades and future projects, and already have some done!

I can’t say I’m a speed junkie, but a little bit of speed can’t hurt.
Up until now I’ve been running the stock MM-22 motor, but did get a brushed replacement: Etronix Sport Modified 17T. I put this in the car, but I screwed up the gearing, running to big of a pinion.

I listed some of the lot from this post for sale and had most of it sold. The only item left was the Blazer, which I was thinking of converting to electric…
A guy called me a couple of days ago and offered me such a reasonable price, I couldn’t say no! I figured I’d sell it to put the money to parts and maybe a new RC in the future.
I agreed to meet half way to exchange. I had planned to stop by my lhs on my way back, but the night before, I found a “new” hs that was on the way. Stopped by and had a great chat with the proprietor. He showed me a very nice brushless setup/combo, which I just couldn’t help but pick up. I hadn’t planned on upgrading the Maverick this much, but hey.. It’s all in good fun

Yesterday the weather cleared up and I had a chance to get runnin’. Drove to a place with a large parking lot, to have a go at busting the Mav. I made a video of the driving, but filming by myself and getting it right is a challenge.

When I got home I wanted to test it out here, so I did. Bashed around a couple of minutes and all of the sudden, a fence post jumps out and smashes my left steering link, or rather a part from the servo saver, which connects to the linkage. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!)

Went to another of my near hs’ to pick up a new steering assembly (MV22138 is the part number if you were wondering… Got back and changed the botched part and it runs like a champ again.

I’m already thinking about what I wan’t next.. Offroad, onroad,drift, crawl….
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