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Been a few days since my last post, so I thought I’d write a sort of a “summery”.
Most of my time has been going towards research about RC and specifically HPI Maverick Strada 1/10th MT Evo.

I’ve bought that RC and I’m having a great time with it. Stock, the car holds a 1800mAh NiMh along with the basic 2.4GHz radio electronics; receiver, ESC, steering servo and a 22T 540-type motor. (None of the electronics are waterproof.)

I took the beast outside in the snow and ran it a few minutes with the stock battery. Got it back inside and put it aside to dry out.
I prefer to use LiPo batteries and have a couple on hand. Next day I put it together and got back outside in the snow. The power in the stock car is pretty good. With the LiPo it gets that extra little “oomph”. It was very cold and windy, but I drove it a round for a good half hour. Dried it off again and made the lights that you can read about in my previous post.

I had the idea to take it outside in the dark and drive it for some good shots as a “promo”. Set up camera, turned the car on and did a minute or so, before the car suddenly didn’t respond and took of straight ahead at max rpms. This was a few seconds I wish I had tape from several angles..! The car took out the camera like a bowling strike. I dove after the car, just catching it by the fingertips. Turned it off, motor still running at max. Rushed the body clips off and disconnect the battery. As the body came off, smoke and smell tells me there are some serious issues.

First glance; The ESC had some of the plastic melted clean off. Hooked up my voltmeter and the ESC was pumping full power to the motor-leads so it was clearly shorted.
Second glance; Seemed like the receiver also took a dive and the motor smells really bad..

It didn’t bother me that the electronics failed, as I was upgrading it anyway. I was looking for a 15T HPI Firebolt along with a HPI SC-15WP, which is a waterproof ESC, and of course some tools, parts, etc.. . I went to one of my local hobby stores, which sells HPI. Got there and asked for the parts, but only the ESC was available… Motor-wise, the only one in stock, was the stock Maverick 22T motor. Reasonable price though, so I picked one up as I new mine was about to kick it.


Next time out, the motor finally gave out with some smoking. In the picture to the left, you can see the burnt coils/turns inside the motor. They are supposed to be copper wire that’s coated with (usually) a red lacquer.

I’m not sure why this fail, but I believe the ESC shorted and fried the motor.


I’m looking to upgrade my setup, but I’m not ready to spend too much as I’m also looking into buying another RC soon. For now, I’m thinking of upgrading the motor. This is the one I’ve been looking at (in Norwegian). This should be a lot faster than the stock 22T and hopefully more tolerant of snow and water.

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