Blazer project intro

Hey guys, new project coming!
I have always wanted to have a real R/C car and/or plane! Buying a “high-end” car/plane can set you back, a fair bit. I’m always looking in the classifieds and online to see if anyone is selling, but usually they’re to pricey and/or already sold.

A few days back, I responded to an ad but got a reply saying they were already gone; However the guy selling told me he’d get back to me if the first deal fell through.
A couple of days later he texted me saying they were up for grabs again. I jumped at the chance and even got a nice price to boot. The deal was three cars (all nitro) for ~$100

Two of the cars were incomplete, but one stood out. A nice big Blazer seemingly complete, but condition unknown. I took of the engine and tank and thought I’d do an electro-conversion. While writing this I’m now considering getting a new (or used) nitro engine, this time one with a pull-start rather than the bump-start that’s on there now.

Anyways; Here’s an intro-vid I just did showing the chassis and state of it:

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