Steering sorted!

hobby store run

I’ve gotten a lot done today on the car. Had to stop by the hobby store, which I hadn’t been to for years.. It still amazes me how just looking around for a good hour can seem like only a few minutes, but shopping for just a few minutes can seem like hours…

I finally found the type of epoxy I’ve been looking all over for. And at a reasonable (at least over here) price.

I went to get the spare blades and piano wire, but you know how it is; Can never leave a store like that without getting more than originally intended…

I used the piano wire as connections in the steering. I didn’t get a picture of it, but here’s a video of it working:

What can I say… It’s weird to have gotten this far, this fast. I have had the time to do it, and not had to juggle several things at once, but still it’s a bit weird.


I did a small drive test, and was even more surprised! It handled very well even though all the electronics were just hanging/held right on the chassis. I’ll try to get a decent video of the thing running tomorrow.

As for the body of the car… I’m not sure if I’ll just use the original (some mods of course) or if I’m going to fabricate a whole new body.

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