Remaking a RC toy car #1

I’ve had this cheap-o toy RC car for some time, but it’s really boring and slow. It’s one of those mass produced things, that comes with it’s own “transmitter”.

RC toy car #1Top left is how it looked prior to any work. It’s just held together with a few screws on the bottom. The circuit board inside the body is the receiver (although I only reluctantly call it a receiver… ). I have a real (although it’s getting a bit old) transmitter and receiver. A Futaba T4EXA transmitter / Futaba R136F receiver.

Having never attempted something like this before, I’m not sure what I’ll be able to make, but hey…; That’s a big part of the fun.

Here’s a very short clip of what I’ve achieved so far:

Specs: I’ve cut the wires to the motor in order to mount in a speed controller (ESC). The receiver is connected to the 4 cell NiMh receiver battery pack, and further to the speed controller. ESC is hooked to a 2 cell LiPo battery pack and the motor feed on the ESC is hooked up to the motor.

Planned: Learning a bit more on this topic, in order to make it like I picture in my mind. Specifically more on the electronics of RC. Also; I have many many ideas for further work!

If you’d like to see more, I’ll post snaps and maybe short clips:
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