Melting pot

I am a DIY person, no two ways about it!
If I can make something myself, rather than buying, I will.
If I don’t know how to make it, I’ll educate myself so that I eventually can.
Some obstacles where I live (Norway) are:

  1. Prices! Everything are quite expensive (Ex: The torch in my previous post cost….. $211
  2. Availability! Materials, hardware, tools, etc. Hard if not impossible to get.

1: I just did a quick search online and at Lowe’s I found a complete set for: $45. I buy a lot of stuff from over seas. Engine parts, hardware; If I need something, first thing I check online to get an idea of the price.
2: This is the biggest challenge! I have yet to find a location to get boards, material or anything like that… We have bundles of places to buy regular construction lumber, but that’s it.

Anyways.. (Just had to “rant” a little, as I’ve had to rethink so many things, because I can’t get the right things here)

I need a melting pot for a couple of projects and I thought I’d try to make some on my own. I bough some air drying Das Pronto modelers clay, but I’m not sure it’ll be ok (taking forever to dry out).
Doughelting potHaving found some time today, I made up some “play dough” (2 parts regular flour, 1 part table salt, 1 part water and 1 table spoon vegetable oil) to see if I can make something usable. All I have to do is to bake these in the oven overnight @ ~80 deg. C

I haven’t really had the opportunity to film this one and/or other stuff, but that’s not a story to be written yet.. Hoping to get a good project in the next few days, and filming it!

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